Food As Fuel

Your vehicle. (Photo by Axion23)

Your vehicle. (Photo by Axion23)


We as human beings have become pretty dependent on our vehicles. These complex machines are made up of many different systems that work together to get us from A to B. Life would perhaps be a bit more of a struggle without them.

To keep your personal vehicle going, you need to supply it with some kind of fuel. There are many different grades of fuel you can choose from. Some fuels are cheaper, more processed and generally low quality. Others may be slightly more expensive, but cleaner, higher quality. Then there are those fuels in between that no one can seem to agree on…


Whatever the grade of fuel you decide to purchase, your vehicle should be able to run, as long as you put enough in the tank to provide enough energy.

Even the cheapest, lowest grade fuel is sufficient enough to keep your vehicle going, for a while…

So, like many others around you, you may opt to choose the lower quality fuel.

“It’s normal isn’t it?”

“Everyone else uses this type of fuel, and their vehicle runs fine…”

Consuming the lowest quality fuel, your vehicle may continue running fine for a while. You may not notice any problems, Unfortunately, many years of an unclean energy source causes your machine to degrade, sometimes silently, until it’s too late.

Your vehicle may start to feel sluggish, and it may not be able to run like it used to when it was younger. Bits may start to rust and fall off, as is begins to break down. As happens way too often, you may find yourself engaged in a losing battle, always trying to patch things up, but getting no where. Your vehicle is constantly off the road, in the garage more than it is out.

Eventually after a lot of pain, suffering, and substantial repair bills; the engine inevitably shuts down for good, far too soon. You are forced to send your vehicle to an ungraceful end in the scrap pit…


If you were to instead choose the higher quality fuel to drive your vehicle, you may start to experience fewer problems. Repairs may be required a lot less frequently,

You might find your vehicle is able to perform much better, and travel much further with seemingly less effort. It may no longer feel clogged up or sluggish, instead running smoothly (and giving off less offensive exhaust fumes…)

In some places the higher quality fuel may initially cost more, but you may find this is offset by the savings make, as you no longer have to spend as much on maintenance and fixing broken bits.

This mystical higher quality fuel may also be less toxic to the environment, and a much more sustainable energy source than the cheaper alternative.

Sometimes, when people make the decision to switch to a leaner more efficient fuel, they fail to put enough in the tank. This may be because of the perceived notion that the fuel costs more, or because they are unfamiliar with the fuel and are simply unsure of how much they need to use.

Not having enough energy, whether it’s from a clean fuel source or not, means that your vehicle is unable to keep going for long. This can lead the person to believe that this new fuel is no good – it’s just another fad, and they may revert back to their tried and trusted cheaper alternative. So whilst the quality of the fuel is very important, you still need to have enough to meet your vehicle’s energy demands.

For most people, using the cheap, lower quality energy source is all they’ve ever known. People are bombarded with advertisements and surrounded by convenient locations to buy it, so that is what they do. Far too many vehicles break down prematurely, and many of these could be saved if we took a little more care with our fuel sources.

Your body is a more complex machine than any vehicle. Your fuel is the food you put in your mouth everyday. Do yourself a favour and try to find out the best fuel source to meet your needs.

Treat your vehicle with care, you only get the one for now. Don’t run it into the ground – allow it to run properly and recover sufficiently, and enjoy sustainable health. I choose to fuel my vehicle with a plant based diet, and it seems to work pretty well for me. Perhaps it could work for you too.

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