Green Breakfast Smoothie

banana date smoothieI was brainstorming topics for the blog recently, and realised that although I’ve briefly mentioned my personal approach to nutrition, I’ve yet to post anything at all about what I actually eat…

So I thought I’d start the trend by sharing what is commonly my first meal of the day.

It’s green, tasty, and full of goodness.

I present to you my trusty breakfast smoothie.


Along with my blender, all I use is:

  • 5-8 ripe bananas
  • 4-10 medjool or deglet noor dates
  • Handful of frozen spinach
  • Handful of frozen broccoli
  • Water

No messing around, I simply chuck everything into the blender for a few minutes, do a few stretches, and it’s done.

Easy as that.

It’s great if you’re someone who’s always in a rush and can never seem to find the time to wash properly in the morning, let alone make breakfast. It can even be bottled up and guzzled down on your journey if you like.

Although it may look like a glass of green slime, the breakfast smoothie actually tastes really good!

It’s also pretty versatile. I sometimes throw in a little vanilla extract, or if I’m feeling really crazy, maybe some cacao powder. You can mix the veggies up too; kale goes really well, and so do frozen peas.

Get creative. Go organic if you can, but if not, no worries.

The smoothie really is jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Personally, I feel like it gives me a good head start on the day, and keeps my energy levels plenty high enough until it’s time for my next meal.

I find that it’s great on the digestive system too. Fruit is almost pre-digested for you in its natural form, and blending it helps speed the process up even more. I make sure to drink water a little before, and sometimes chew some gum.

Depending on how much energy I think I will need throughout the day, I adjust the quantity of bananas and dates. A useful tool you can use if you’re interested in your calorie and nutrient intake that I also use from time to time is Cronometer.

So that’s it! It’s not gonna be for everyone, but if you enjoyed this recipe or have any tips or recipes of your own you would like to share, feel free to use the comments section below!

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