London VegFest 2013

A couple of months back, my lovely girlfriend and I took a visit to London VegFest at Kensington Olympia.

VegFest is an event that aims to promote a healthier, more sustainable way of living; something that fits in pretty well with the theme of this blog.

For the London event, there were over 9000 visitors reported over the course of the weekend. It was quite cool to see so many people taking an interest and being pro active with their health.

With 190 stalls set out over 2 floors, the wide variety provided something from everyone, vegan or not.

Workshops and cooking demo’s ran thorough the day, there were talks from nutritionists and health coaches, and there was even a pretty cool Tai Chi demonstration you could get involved with.

The choice of vegetarian and vegan food was great too. Lots of free samples. We smashed down some sweet potato sushi and Caribbean street food, and there was plenty more to choose from.

To finish the weekend, we watched ultra endurance athlete and author of Eat and Run, Scott Jurek give a fascinating talk on how he fuels his body for running ultra marathons. 

It really was a great weekend, and well worth going for the low price we paid.

I thought I’d throw up the very few photos that I managed to take!



Loving life

Powerful Tai Chi lady

Powerful Tai Chi lady


Some nice looking stalls


And a few more


Scott Jurek, drawing a crowd


Even the green power ranger enjoyed VegFest, must have been good

For more info on VegFest, their upcoming events, and how you can get involved, check out their website!

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