40 Ways to Deal With Stress

Image modified from Abdul

Image modified from Abdul

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We’re all aware that chronic stress is not great for our health, yet in the modern world it can often feel impossible to avoid. We’re constantly surrounded by a seemingly inescapable mass of unnatural stressful events.

The looming work deadline. The unanswered emails. The traffic on the way to work. The awkward social situation.

The past, the future, and everything else in between.

Sometimes it feels like there is no escape, and many people just except that they are stressed out and do nothing more about it, until it’s too late.

Fear not. There are many great methods out there that can help you deal with and avoid stress, you don’t give in just yet.  This list is not definitive, but contains the techniques that I and the people around me have found the most useful so far.

1. Be mindful. Stop, pause, close your eyes, breathe, and smile.

2. Exercise often.

3. Meditate daily.

4. Practice yoga.

5. Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated.

6. Set time to be alone and quiet.

7. Be proactive. Only attempt to control the things that you can control, accept the things that you cannot, let them go.

8. Take a whole day off each week.

9. Disconnect from technology for a whole day.

10. Set your emails to check just once a day.

11. Escape to nature often.

12. Take mini breaks in work, to stretch or visit friends.

13. Try supplements to normalise the stress response – liquorice root or Siberian ginseng.

14. Ensure you are sleeping properly.

15. Share your problems with a close friend.

16. Spend time with young people or perhaps a pet, play.

17. Get yourself adjusted by a chiropractor.

18. Have a massage.

19. Volunteer to help people less fortunate, it gives you perspective. Be grateful for what you have.

20. Recognise crutches – drugs, alcohol, smoking, procrastinating; and slowly replace them with healthy habits.

21. Avoid unnecessary stressors – people, places.

22. Be assertive, make decisions and learn to say no.

23. Focus on one job at a time, don’t try to multi task.

24. Simplify your living environment, de-clutter.

25. Learn to forgive.

26. Prioritise your work, do what is most important and leave out the rest.

27. Do less.

28. Use mental imaging, picture a calm relaxing place.

29. Listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite film, read your favourite book.

30. Practice art.

31. Spend time with loved ones.

32. Turn to religion.

33. Get organised.

34. Slow down. Take the time to savour what you do.

35. Quit your job, and follow your passion.

36. Keep a journal. Write down your worries, thoughts and ideas.

37. Laugh more.

38. Recognise that everyone experiences stress from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

39. Take a step back and consider that you live on a blue dot, a tiny molecule floating in the giant sea of the universe.

40. Adopt the philosophy that everything that happens to you is the best possible thing that could happen.

What other methods do you find useful in dealing with and avoiding stress? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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