The Journey Into The Unknown

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Image by Zach Dischner

Image by Zach Dischner


On a fresh, foggy afternoon last week, I went on a bit of an adventure with a good friend (who’s gonna be starting up his own blog and YouTube channel sometime soon, so get excited!)

We set out on our bikes for a pretty leisurely low intensity ride down the canal. Nothing crazy, just a bit of Zone 2 training to get some clean air, raise the heart rate a little, and have a chat. We had a rough idea where we were heading, but no definite route planned out.

When we got to the place that was supposed to be around the half way mark of the ride, we had a choice: take the easy route that we knew would deliver us back home, or carry on for a bit, into the unknown.

We had a fair stock of fresh orange juice, datorade and a baked sweet potato (which is pretty amazing biking fuel, and tastes incredible), so we thought we’d take the risk, and carry on for a bit longer.

What followed was a pretty awesome adventure.

Heart rates no longer lingering in the safety of Zone 2, we tackled some of the steepest hills we’ve ever climbed, rode across the top of the mountains in the fog, and hurtled down some rocky trails – all without really knowing which direction we should be going in.

Around 35 km later, we arrived back home – legs full of lactic acid, but faces spanning big grins.

We never really knew exactly where we were heading, and the fog was always just a bit too thick to pinpoint out exactly where we were. But we enjoyed the journey, and the uncertainty only added to it.

In the end, we were fine, and we finished up where we knew we would in the first place anyway.


Life can be a bit like this sometimes. We know vaguely where we want to end up, and which direction we need to head in, but the fog clouds the way. There are many paths in front of us that we can choose from, but we can’t see where most will lead us in the future.

Usually the safe option is available to us, and it’s one that many people take. It’s the route that’s more comfortable, more secure. There’s a clearer path, a more defined end point. Taking it doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s understandable; but what could happen if you dared to think otherwise?

What if you considered something different? Something a little off beat.

Instead of the safe, secure route, you could head off into the unknown, take a leap of faith. It’s scary – there are many different paths to choose from, and no guarantee where each one leads.

The exciting thing is though, as long as you know vaguely where you want to end up, the path you take doesn’t really matter too much. Yeah you’ll probably take a few wrong turns, but you can alter your course at any point. There will be a few struggles along the way, it may get a bit tiring and painful, but the obstacles are all there to help you learn, grow stronger, and succeed in the long run. They make the success at the end that little bit sweeter.

All of us are at different stages in our journey, in our bike rides. Many of us, including Jack and I, are at the point where we have the option to take a few different paths.

Which route should we take? The safe and steady one, or the the path less trodden – the one that’s filled with adventure, wonder, uncertainty and excitement?

We’re lucky in that we both know vaguely where we want to end up, and we’re gonna take the leap of faith, and follow whatever path we need to, despite the fog. We’ll fail a few times, without a doubt. The chain will get stuck, and the wheels will fall off now and again.

But hopefully we’ll put them back on, pick the bike up and keep on riding, enjoying every pedal turn on the way.

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