10 of the Best Health Promoting Websites

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Image adapted from Cornelia Kopp

Image adapted from Cornelia Kopp

This health movement is growing fast people, and I like the direction it’s heading.

Due to the growth of the internet, never before have we had such a vast amount of information available to us. I for one have been lucky to come across some great health promoting sites over the years. I thought I’d share some of them today.

So here are ten of my favourites; the ones that have influenced me the most and helped shape my own ideas towards health, and life in general. I hope you find them useful.

1. ZenHabits.net

Leo Babauta is at the top of the ladder when it comes to helping people find simplicity in their lives, and form healthy, lasting habits. Zen Habits has been running strong since 2007, consistently providing readers with useful content. I highly recommended you go check it out.

2. FourHourWorkweek.com

The blog of Tim Ferris – the self proclaimed human guinea-pig and New York best-selling author of the 4 Hour Work Week, Chef, and Body books. Tim share experiments in lifestyle design, helping uncover the most efficient ways of living; from learning new skills and strength training techniques, to entrepreneurship and outsourcing.

3. RichRoll.com

The plant powered ultra endurance athlete and author of Finding Ultra, Rich brings us some of the best minds in the health and endurance world via the Rich Roll Podcast. His story and message is powerful; inspiring others to live healthy lives and find their most authentic self.

4. NoMeatAthlete.com

Matt Frazier shares everything plant based and running – from vegan recipes to marathon roadmaps. His humble approach is refreshing to hear, and the blog is jammed full of useful content. I also recommend checking out his podcast, No Meat Athlete Radio.

5. StevePavlina.com

Steve Pavlina has been providing useful articles since 2004. His site really is a must visit for anyone interested in personal growth, blogging, entrepreneurship, and dream following.

6. MindBodyGreen.com

MBG is the centre for all things healthy, providing daily wellness information and inspiration. The site brings articles from experts in their chosen fields; whether it’s nutrition, fitness, yoga or meditation; there’s plenty to choose from.

7. Reddit.com

The Reddit community has been a great help over the past few years. Sure, you can spend all day on the site looking at pictures of cats and arguing with strangers, but there’s some stuff of real value there too. I highly recommend the bodyweight fitness subreddit, and the vegan one is pretty cool too.

8. Nutritionfacts.org

Dr. Michael Gregor breaks down the latest research in nutritional science so you don’t have to. Several times a week he sums up the latest findings in accessible, bite-sized videos. Free of charge and completely non for profit, this site really is a goldmine of information. You’d be silly not to visit.

9. HighExistence.com

HE is another site that’s been a big inspiration, and helped turn me towards the idea that making a living doing what you love is definitely possible. The HE team have created a community of like minded individuals; focussed on following their bliss, living freely and spreading happiness.

10. TinyBuddha.com

Tiny Buddha helps people apply simple ideas to their otherwise complex lives. Lori Deschene puts out some great posts on happiness, inspiration, relationships, mindfulness and much more.

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