10 Ways to be a Hero Like Spiderman

How to become spidermanHow to become Spiderman?

If that’s the main question in your head right now, then you’re doing pretty well for yourself my friend.

The masked web slinger has always been my favourite superhero too.

Whether it’s because of his sick parkour skills, witty puns, or the fact that underneath the mask – Peter Parker is just a normal, everyday dude.

Whatever the reason, all I know is that I’ve always wanted to be just like Spidey.

With that in mind, I decided to meticulously scour through his top ten traits. With any luck, they’ll help stir up the hero inside you, and help you realise your own potential.

Just remember this:

With great power, comes great responsibility…

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10 Ways to Be Like Spiderman

1. Be the hero that others need

Spidey always tries to put needs of others first. He stands up for those who can’t do so themselves, and he gives people hope. He even tries to help his enemies if possible, rather than resorting to violence straight off.

You too can show the same level of regard for others. Look to perform random acts of kindness whenever possible. Quick tip – it’s always possible. 

Help out a friend or a stranger. Pay someone a compliment. Donate to charity or volunteer your time. Something that seems small to you might make a world of difference to another.

2. Take calculated risks

Spiderman often puts himself in danger, and sometimes his decisions seem a little reckless. But he always acts with good intentions, with the hope that everything will turn out fine.

Sometimes in life we need to take risks, and go for the leap of faith like Spidey does from the rooftops.

Success often lies at the other side of a chasm of uncertainty, fear and discomfort. If we do not attempt to cross the void, we may never experience our full potential. So get a good run up and start swinging across, figuratively speaking…

3. Be humble

Peter Parker tries his best to stay anonymous. He lays low, rather than telling everyone his Spidery secrets, or gloating about his victories.

All too often, people let a bit of success go straight to their head. So when your business takes off, or the money starts rolling in; remember what got you there in the first place. Don’t lose sight of the things that really matter – friends, loved ones, shared experiences, and the truth.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously

It doesn’t matter if the Green Goblin is chucking bombs around or Electro is trying to take control of the power grid, Spiderman is still cracking jokes in the midst of battle. What a hero. 

It’s good to have focus, but life’s too short to stay serious all the time. Have a laugh. Keep it playful. We’re not on this planet for ever, so we may as well enjoy our time while it lasts. 

For example, I’m currently writing a blog post on how to be like Spiderman… 

5. Make mistakes, and pick yourself back up

Whilst Spidey is a hero, he isn’t perfect. He often makes mistakes. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t save everyone. He loses, falls down and gets beaten.

But he always picks himself up, and gets back out there, to follow his calling and fight for the greater good.

You’re gonna make mistakes, and you’re likely gonna fail a lot before you get to the top. But the sooner you recognise that mistakes and failures are there to test you and make you grow, the closer you will get to your goals, and the more enjoyable the journey will be.

So don’t be afraid to fall.

6. Hone your Spidey sense with a mindfulness practice

Spiderman has the cool perk of being able to detect any nearby danger using his Spidey senses. That might sound a bit far-fetched for you, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. You can achieve a similar heightened state of awareness, simply by practising mindfulness.

Regular meditation will help you cultivate awareness of the present moment. It will allow you to clear your mind, and be much more aware of everything that’s going on around you.

Practice enough, and you may become so sharp that Spidey senses don’t seem so unrealistic…

7. Learn to move like a hero

You may not be able to swing from skyscrapers and soar through the sky on the end of a web, but you can still get pretty close to moving like a super hero. If you work at it.

Spidey is slim and nimble with a high strength to bodyweight ratio. To look and perform like him, you’ll need to eat a diet that promotes athletic performance and a favourable body composition. My advice would be one based mainly on whole, plant foods

In terms of physical training, I would look to do compound lifts like deadlifts and squats, with big weights and low reps for optimal strength gains. Gymnastics style training and bodyweight strength work is great too. Add to that some parkour, agility drills, twisting, climbing and yoga, and you’ll be moving like a spider in no time!

8. Study martial arts

If you wanna be able to defend yourself and others like Spidey does, you’re probably gonna need to learn how.

The art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is built upon the concept of the small guy overcoming bigger stronger opponents, so that might be a good place to start. Add in some Muay Thai or Taekwando for some fancy kicks and you’re all sorted.

Along with the physical benefits, martial arts instills many of the values that Spiderman lives by: humility, selflessness, protecting the weak, and taking risks (amongst others).

9. Prioritise recovery

Okay, rapid self-healing like Spiderman might be out of the question, at least for the time being. But there are still a few things you can do to help yourself recover quicker and perform better.

One of the most important things is to eat a diet that promotes health and reduces inflammation. Again, one that’s rich in whole plant foods, and includes less of the processed stuff.

You can check out my monster article on healthy eating habits here: 26 Healthy Eating Habits to Help you Look and Feel Amazing.

It’s also crucial to make sure you’re getting proper rest among your days of training, and to get enough good quality sleep. It all adds up. 

10. Learn to use your hands

As well as being a masked vigilante, Peter Parker is also a great handy man. He designed and built his own costume and web-shooters, and is known to frequently tinker around with upgrades.

It’s good to get accustomed with tinkering. Being hands on, fixing stuff, and making improvements. You never know when your skills might come in handy. 

How to be like spidermanBonus points: Get an awesome Spidey suit.

Not essential, but highly recommended if you’re serious. Use next Halloween as an excuse to make your purchase perhaps. They’re pretty cheap, and so versatile.

Great for daily chores or evening runs. You even build your own like this guy did, and fashion your own web-shooter too if you wanna take it a step further…

Go crazy.

Just make sure you consider those other steps above before you think about fighting any crime…


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