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Just a quick post for today people, sharing some health-promoting links.

Over this past week in particular, I’ve stumbled across a few useful pages across the web. Ones that have put me on a path to better health. Some of them are brand new, others have been around a while.

A couple of articles on mindfulness and letting go. A technique for releasing tight hamstrings. An amazing recipe, a documentary, minimalist running shoes, and a guide to sustainable living.

This may seem like quite a random selection of links, and I agree, they’re not particularly related. But put them together, and these resources form a pretty good summary of what it is to be healthy. Plus they’re interesting, and it’s always good to share other people’s work.

Hopefully you will get some benefit from them. Go get ’em!

1. Letting go

Leo Babuata’s new free e-book is about learning the skill of letting go, and how it can help you with just about every problem in your life. “From stress to procrastination to habit change to loss and much more”. I’ve just started reading, and can say it’s well worth checking out.

2. You Can’t Control the Message 

Continuing with the theme of letting go, a recent blog post from the main man Rich Roll. After being mis-represented on French TV, Rich explains that whilst you can control your actions, you can’t control how your message is interpreted.

3. Myofacial Release for Tight Hamstrings

I’ve always had pretty tight hamstrings. I stretch and foam roll them all day, but they never seem to wanna budge. Chris from Human Torque Training shares a pretty cool (but painful) way of softening the hamstrings up, breaking down the fascia between the individual muscles using nothing but your own hands. Not the most comfortable way to start the day, but it definitely helps.

4. Aubergine No-Meat MeatballsGlutenfree, vegan aubergine meatballs

Recommended by a couple of good friends we caught up with over the weekend. Now one of my new favourite recipes. We adjusted them a little, making them gluten free and olive-less. and served them up with a spicy tomato and bean sauce, brown rice, noodles, hummus and salad. Well good.

5. Cirque Du Soleil

A fascinating documentary we watched that takes a look at the gruelling selection process for Cirque Du Soleil hopefuls. Months of intense training just to be in with a chance of entering the Cirque talent database, with no guarantee they’ll be selected for a show. The segment showing them working on the Chinese poles is crazy, and has given me even more respect for those performers.

6. Minimalist Running Shoes Review

My old Nike freerunning trainers have taken a battering over the past few years, and could do with replacing. I’m looking to move towards a more minimalist shoe for everyday wear, to get closer to being barefoot. I would go completely barefoot all the time if possible, but most people would probably object to my hobbit feet…

Nick Collias gives a pretty good review of the different trainer styles over at BodyBuilding.com, which I found pretty useful.

7. 12 Simple Ways to Start Living an Awesome Earth Friendly Lifestyle

Sustainability is something I want to explore a little further over the coming months. In this article, Rob Greenfield takes us through 12 ways to live a little more sustainably – from eating a plant based diet to positive consumerism. It’s only a short read, but definitely worth checking out.

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Thanks for reading!

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