6 Reasons Why People Don’t Care About Your Plant Based Diet

Why people don't wanna hear about your plant based diet, by luke jones, Health Room. herohealthroom.com

Nice big tagine we wolfed down after fasting for Ramadan for a day in Turkey

So you’ve started making the transition to a plant based diet. Upping your intake of plants and cutting back on processed foods and animal products. And you’re already experiencing the benefits.

You have more energy. You’ve lost a little unwanted weight. Your headaches have miraculously disappeared, and you can run faster and further than ever before. Everything is great, right? But there’s just one small issue…

Some people around you aren’t responding the way you hoped. Instead of congratulating you on doing so well and asking how you do it, they’re acting a bit differently. Things have become a little weird between you.

They may even be starting to act as if your new dietary changes are a personal insult against them. They shut you down, and begin talking about how high and mighty you have become.

It seems like a strange response, and you’re feeling little lost. But I think it happens quite often, and there could be a number of reasons why…

1. A plant based diet isn’t normal.

At least, not by today’s standards, particularly in the west. Most people have been brought up eating meat and processed foods. What you are suggesting with your plant based diet goes completely against the social norm. It goes against the ingrained habits people have developed over generations. To some it signifies the extreme, and they would prefer it if you would stand in line and not ask questions, like everyone else.

2. It feels like an attack on people’s choices.

Food is a sensitive issue, to say the least. Even when you’re just minding your own business eating your salad and not judging the decisions of others, for some it can feel like you’re insulting them personally. The food you eat literally becomes a part of you, and it’s almost as if by making the choice to eat healthily, you’re highlighting the other person’s bad habits. Which brings us to the fact that…

3. People don’t like to be wrong.

A lot of us unknowingly let our ego dictate our lives, and the natural instinct of the ego is to resist change. Deep down, people realise that they should probably be be making healthier food choices, but change is scary, and the ego does not want to proved wrong, not one bit. So it lashes out at others in self defence and shifts the blame elsewhere – to you. It takes quite a conscious individual with a bit of control over the ego to honestly evaluate their dietary habits and look to make improvements.

4. We are fed false information.

Everyone knows you need meat for protein and dairy for strong bones! And it’s common knowledge that fast food is fine in moderation… Don’t you know!?

People will reel off line after line of information they’ve been fed from the media and the industries who sell them these products. There’s so much conflicting information out there it can get pretty confusing, and consequently it’s easier for people to just carry on the way they always have. After all, they don’t want osteoporosis or weak muscles, so they’ll do as they are told thank you very much.

5. We live in a culture of negativity.

It’s sad to say, but some people don’t want to see others doing well. Everything we do is made into a competition. There always has to be a winner and a loser. If someone else is doing well, they’re stealing your slice of the pie (albeit a healthy one made from whole foods).

But obviously this isn’t the case. We can all succeed. I’m pretty sure most people would experience benefits if they tried a plant based diet with an open mind. There are plenty of plants to go around.

6. And finally… Maybe it is you.

Maybe you got a bit excited about the huge benefits you’ve experienced since changing your diet, and wanted to scream about them to the world. Maybe you got caught up in the excitement and became a little insensitive to the feelings of others. Maybe you are coming across as a little preachy.

It’s understandable, and there’s a fine line between spreading the message and being annoying. But maybe dial it down a little. Be conscious of your actions and your words. Keep that ego in check, and be empathetic. We’re all at different stages of our health journey, you’ve gotta meet people where they’re at. Instead of preaching, just try to lead by example.

Eventually others will follow.

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Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a mover, blogger and wellness enthusiast. He spends his time exploring and sharing ideas in mindful movement, healthy living and adventure.

12 Responses to “6 Reasons Why People Don’t Care About Your Plant Based Diet

  • Totally agree Luke, and this goes not just for food but for anything that you find a benefit. I am passionate about being a McTimoney Chiropractor and also passionate about Green magic, I feel so good on it, but some people just want to keep on eating junk food. Makes me laugh when children are brough to my clinic, and then “as a treat” they are taken to McDonalds argh!!!! Blessings J x

  • This is so true! People are definitely brain washed; I get comments such as ‘oh she won’t eat that!’ when people offer me sugary food in work, or when I produce my mainly plant based lunch: ‘oh you’re so healthy!’, which always somehow sounds like an insult! No, I don’t want your croissants or your fried fish and chips lunch, but I’m not judging or making you eat what i eat 🙂 I think it’s important not to make people feel conscious about there food, esp if they’re trying hard to make healthy choices, but if people ask questions I’m always happy to answer or point them to here! X

    • Yeah, some people definitely go straight onto the defensive. The ego takes over and that’s it. Not everyone, but more than you’d hope…

      You’re doing great though sister, don’t let them get to you 🙂 X

  • I totally agree! I felt so insecure, even a bit shamed when I first told people I’ve become vegan, six or seven years ago. I felt like I was “coming out of the closet”. And some people actually did get upset, my sister included. Now I’m only proud of my lifestyle!


    • Thanks Raisa! Yeah it can be a little daunting to start with, but glad you’re getting on well now!

      Have a great day!

  • Honestly, I feel like this is the best plant-based blog I’ve found. You share informational stuff and still keep things realistic. Awesome post again. *hats off to you*

  • Oh so very true… it’s sad but sometimes different (even for good purposes) gets a bad rap. Oh well, we all have to be ourselves. 🙂

  • Well written article covering all the bases! It’s awkward knowing the truth as you transition towards a cleaner eating lifestyle and all eyes seem to be upon you.

    ‘Look she/he’s different’
    “She/he is one of those hipsters’

    While all the feelings one goes through are valid in truth the summation is that other’s opinion matters not one bit to your overall health and well being.

    Again, great article!

  • Bravo Luke, for once again sharing your message calmly and graciously! My own relationship with food has traveled through many stages and philosophies, and I received unsolicited feedback at each step. My experience showed me that food can be dogmatic and divisive between people; almost like a religion. I used to be vegan/plantivore and I have mad respect for those who still are. I’m glad to count you among those with whom I feel comfortable exploring food together, despite our differences. Rock on man!

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