8 Tips and Tricks for a Better Juice Fast

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Tips and tricks for a better juice fast

One of my favourites: oranges, carrots and beetroot. Well tasty.

Juice fasting is the new in-thing, apparently. Didn’t you hear!? All the cool kids are doing it…

Some are in it for weight loss. Some for the energy boost. Others for the reduced inflammation, and to give the digestive system a rest.

I’m in the latter camp, and for the sake of experimentation, I’m now into day 4. It’s been going pretty well so far, but hasn’t been without a few small struggles here and there.

But I’ve been learning from my mistakes, and through trial and error, over the past few days I’ve gathered some tips and tricks that would have probably made my life easier in the first place. Hindsight is a beautiful thing…

Anyways, I thought I’d share these ideas with you as they might come in handy if you ever decide to embark on a juice fast yourself sometime.

1. Ease yourself in.

This depends where you’re currently at with you’re food. If you’re someone who eats a standard western diet, going straight into a juice fast might trigger those nasty detox systems you always hear about – the headaches, insomnia, stomach issues etc. Maybe move towards more of a plant based diet a few weeks before hand, upping your intake of plants, and reducing processed foods. I had this one down already, so haven’t experienced that much in the way of detox symptoms, at least not yet…

2. Have a plan.

I’ve been following the Joe Cross New Years Juice Reboot, which comes with a useful schedule, advice, juice recipes, and even a shopping list. Whenever I’ve tried juicing before, I’ve winged it and made it all up as I went along. But doing it that way was always a bit of a struggle. Following the plan has given me more of a focus, and less stuff to worry about. It’s also meant I’m drinking a lot more juice, which has made the hunger pangs less frequent and a bit easier to deal with. A little bit easier…

3. Try before you buy.

Lets face it, some juices taste plain nasty. Maybe experiment with a few recipes beforehand to find ones you like, and substitute them into your plan. When you’re hungry, it’s not a good feeling knowing you’ve got a day of bad tasting potions ahead. Make it easier for yourself, and throw in some of your favourites. We’re all about making things sustainable. Just don’t forget to suck it up and have a few green ones in there now and again too…

4. Get a friend.

Having someone else to share the experience with can make it way more enjoyable, and sustainable. They can keep you motivated, and help get you through the tough times, and vice versa. My mum has joined me for the second half of my fast, which is so cool! She’s not a big fan of kale right now though…

5. Take it easy.

However long you’re doing the juice fast for, try to set some time aside to relax. Juicing can be a time for your body to regenerate and heal, and it has the best chance of doing so if it’s resting. So book time off work if you can, and avoid any intense exercise and potentially stressful situations. Let the mind rest too, and focus more inside – maybe spend time doing yoga, reading, playing and meditating. Even just sleeping. Whatever gets you to that zen state.

6. When hungry, drink.

No doubt about it, at some point you’re gonna start thinking about food. I’ve produced a heck of a lot more saliva over the past few day, that’s for sure… But I’ve learnt the best thing to do when I’m starting to feel peckish, is to drink. Juice, coconut water, herbal teas, water… Whatever’s around. The cravings then die down after a little while. Usually…

7. Get away from the food.

This goes without saying really. There’s no point in torturing yourself by hanging around the kitchen whilst your significant other cooks up an aromatic feast. If you think you’ll struggle, distance yourself from temptation, and make things a little easier for yourself. My parents were making a sweet smelling rice curry a few days ago, so I made a quick exit before things got too bad.

8. Use juicing as a spiritual practice.

During this fast I’ve felt pretty good during the day time – pretty clear minded, energetic, and generally quite cheerful. When it gets to evening time though, the longing for food starts to set in. The red mist comes down, I get a bit irritable, and a little voice in my head appears. It tells me that I can’t go on much longer, that I need food now, that this was a stupid idea and I’m not strong enough to continue…

It’s funny to listen to this little voice, which really is just the ego trying to avoid discomfort and protect itself from change. Recognising the little voice and realising that what it says is not necessarily true; that it’s just a story your ego is repeating to itself; that you can in fact decide to not listen to it; is a spiritual practice in itself.

Recognition is a big step closer to you dissociating yourself from that little voice. To you disconnecting with the ego and instead living a free life, in the present moment

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