Super Cheap, Super Quick Dahl Recipe (vgn) (gf)

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Cheap simple dahl, all ready to eat on the new table I constructed last night.

Cheap simple dahl, all ready to eat on the new table I constructed last night.

We’re fresh off moving into the new flat in the capital city, and we’ve got a bit more furniture to put together right now, so this blog post is gonna be almost as quick and simple as the dahl we made for lunch today. No nonsense, vegan, tasty, and cheap as you like.

Go get it.


  • Red lentils (I used about 2 cups between the two of us)
  • A can of chickpeas
  • Frozen mixed veg
  • Garam masala or standard curry spice blend (turmeric, coriander, cumin etc.)
  • Boiling water or veg stock.


  1. Chuck the lentils into the pan or wok with the spices, and cover with water or stock. Simmer for 10 minutes or so.
  2. When the lentils start to soften, add in the frozen veggies and chickpeas. Cook through for another 10 minutes, and keep stirring.
  3. Done. Enjoy.

We served it all up with some home made bread, salad, soy yoghurt and a cheeky bit of mango chutney. But that was all just a bonus. The bare bones dahl is one of the cheapest and quickest plant based meals you can do. From some rough calculations, we reckon it costs around 50p per serving – around 80 cents.

If you’re after more cheap and simple plant based meals, go check out the recipes from my friends at Plant Basic. Their vegan spag-bol is the one.

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