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You might remember that I did a post last year about London Vegfest. Then again you might not…

But anyways, last years event was awesome, so we thought we’d pop back to the capital for another visit. This time around we were armed with the GoPro. Mickie, me, and a good buddy set off on a mission to eat free food samples, listen to a plant powered triathlete, and chat to a vegan free running hero.

Check out the video below…

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As you can see from the video, the event was pretty packed out. It felt like there were a lot more people there than last year, which is pretty cool. It suggests that the message is getting out there, and the vegan movement is growing in the right direction.

It was really cool to hear Brendan Brazier’s talk on plant based nutrition for athletes, and to chat with him a little at the book signing. As I mentioned last week, me and my buddy Jack in the video are aiming for an olympic distance triathlon in about 6 months time. So it was good to hear a pro’s perspective on it. Even if I did spell my own name wrong when he asked me who to sign the book for. Goddammit…

But yeah, Brendan is a really cool guy, and if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, I recommend doing so. You can check out his latest book here: Thrive Energy Cookbook. Some really nice simple recipes in there.

Whilst we were in line to meet Brendan, we spotted none other than vegan parkour extraordinaire Tim Shieff walking by. He stopped to chat for a while and let us have some pictures, which was so cool of him. Tim is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the vegan movement, but he’s as down to earth and humble as they come. He’s definitely someone who’s living his dream, and using his power to spread a positive message, and it’s awesome to see.

For me, meeting those two guys was kinda the equivalent of a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber. They’re the real ‘celebs’ to me, the role models that I admire, and want to emulate to some degree. They’re using their fame to try to help better the human race, rather than going out and getting DUI’s and doing things just for the money. It’s a shame that the limelight isn’t on them more, because we could all learn a lot from them.

So overall, it was a great day out!

Although, being back in London definitely started to bring back some of those uneasy feelings from my uni days. The place just gets so damn busy, which is ok for a while, but can get draining. It’s a really cool place, and definitely somewhere I’ll always wanna visit on occasion. But long term that urban jungle just isn’t for me.

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