Black Friday Deal: No Meat Athlete Plant Based Fitness Bundle

No Meat Athlete Black Friday Bundle

Hi people, I’ve got something exciting for you!

Matt Frazier, from No Meat Athlete, got in touch with me last month to ask if I’d be interested in contributing to the No Meat Athlete Black Friday Bundle sale he was putting together.

Matt is one of the leaders of this plant based movement, and he’s someone I’ve looked up to and admired for years. He barely had to explain what the project actually was before I agreed to jump on board.

And I reckon you’ll probably be just as excited about it as I am. As far as I’m aware, it’s something that’s never been done in the plant-based community before, and I’m so grateful to be involved. It’s also time limited, so if I don’t tell you now it’ll probably be over by the time you hear about it…

So here’s the deal yo: The No Meat Athlete Black Friday Bundle includes 23 Plant-Based Fitness, Productivity, and Cooking Guides from 15 of the top plant-based authors and fitness & cooking experts online.


  • Marathon Roadmap, Half Marathon Roadmap, Triathlon Roadmap, 5K
    Roadmap, and Wake Up, all by Matt Frazier.
  • Jai Release Meditation and Jai Seed eCookbook by Rich Roll
  • Run Your BQ Essentials by Jason Fitzgerald and Matt Frazier
  • Discover Your Ultramarathon by Doug Hay
  • 3 Month Meal Plan from Heather Crosby
  • 28 Day Food Change Challenge by Nicole Antoinette
  • Body By Plants Bootcamp by Elena Wilkins
  • Conscious Evolution by Lyn Rose
  • Plant Based Diet 101 by me, Luke Jones
  • 7 Day Refresh by Christy Morgan
  • 47 Strategies by Jeff Sanders
  • Easy Everyday Tofu and We Love Quinoa by Nava Atlas
  • Mangia! and Don’t Have a Cow, Man by Patty Knudson
  • Eat Awesome by Paul Jarvis
  • Jacked on the Beanstalk by Samantha Shorkey

All told, that’s $539.35 worth of plant-based fitness and cooking products for a crazy low price of $97.

You just need to go check it out now, because the deal is gonna be over soon: so go take a look!

It’s an honour for me to be included amongst so many people that I consider role models and innovators in this field. As you can see from the list above, there’s no shortage of big names contributing to the project. To have my eBook up there with the work of people like Rich Roll, Matt Frazier, Doug Hay and all the other guys and girls really is surreal to me, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity..

When I was making the transition to eating a plant based diet, I actually used a few of the guides and eBooks above, and they definitely helped make the journey a little smoother. The Jai Seed cookbook in particular gave me some great recipe ideas when I was first starting out.

But if something like this whole bundle had been around when I decided to make the changes to my diet, things would have been even easier. It’s crazy that so many great resources have been grouped together for such a low price.

We’re nearing the new year, and many of you will be setting resolutions. If you’re reading this blog, I’d bet that some of your goals will be related to diet and fitness. Some of you may want to move towards a plant based diet, for improved health, or to lose weight. Others are probably aiming to run a 5k, to compete in a triathlon, or to build some muscle.

Whether you’re looking to be a competitive ultamarathoner or weekend jogger, fully vegan or just eating more plants; I really believe there’s something here for you. The resources in the bundle not only provide you with the basic information you need, they also show you how to put things into action. How to actually go about changing your habits, so they’re lasting and sustainable, and so you don’t have to add another entry to your list of failed new year’s resolutions.

Anyways, I really hope you enjoy the deal. Remember that it’s time limited, so get in there before it’s too late. I’m just about to get my copy, and I’m really excited to get stuck into Matt’s triathlon roadmap!

Have a great weekend, and stay healthy!


P.S. Just for transparency, the links in this article are affiliate links. That means if you decide to make a purchase of the The No Meat Athlete Black Friday Bundle, I’ll receive a percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). As I’ve said before, I’ll only ever get involved with projects that I believe in, and I’ll only promote products that are aligned with my values and my goals. And this fits right in with them!

Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a mover, blogger and wellness enthusiast. He spends his time exploring and sharing ideas in mindful movement, healthy living and adventure.

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