How to Fit a Plant Based Diet into Your Busy Schedule

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Fitting a healthy, plant based diet around the manic modern day lifestyle can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task.

Whether you’re a businessperson, student, or stay at home mum; you probably already feel like you have enough on your plate to deal with. Deadlines have to be met, the kids need looking after, there’s always more shit to be done and very little time to stop for a rest.

Our fast-paced lives are often reflected in the fast food we eat. We want meals that we can wolf down on the go, in between meetings, or in front of the TV after a long, hard day slaving away.

Sure, that cheeseburger goes from grill to hand pretty, and it seems to fill the gap. But the quick fix is rarely a sustainable one. The unfortunate truth is that if we continue to prioritize our work schedule and family commitments over our own health, and we carry on fuelling our bodies with food that’s void of nutrients, eventually something is gonna give.

More and more people are realising this, but what’s the solution? How can we make the transition towards a healthier diet, based on whole plant foods, whilst simultaneously juggling a busy schedule?

Let’s take a look at a few ideas…

1. Make time.

Here me out. Although it might be easier said than done, the reality is that if you don’t set aside time and energy to bring about changes, you’ll continue to struggle.

Have a good think about what really matters to you the most. Is it working your butt off for that big paycheck, or being well enough to do the things you really enjoy?

If eating healthily really is high on your priority list, you may need to start saying no to some of the things that are not as important. This doesn’t mean quitting your job or abandoning your family. It means freeing up time where you can.

A few ideas:

At work

  • Switch as many long business meetings to quick chats on the phone or email updates.
  • Reply to emails or social media in batches, rather than sporadically throughout the day.
  • Do a few tasks effectively, rather than lots of things just to be busy.

At home

  • Ask for help with jobs around the house.
  • Gradually wake a little earlier to prepare healthy food.
  • Don’t say yes to every social gathering.


2. Start your day with a smoothie.

One of the quickest, healthiest, and tastiest breakfast meals in the game. All it takes is a few minutes to prepare, and if you really have to, you can even drink it on the run.

One of my favourites is a blend of 3-4 bananas, 3-4 dates, a cup of oats, a handful of spinach or other greens, a couple of nuts, a sprinkle of seeds, some ice, a little vanilla extract, and water. I have a few other smoothie recipes here if you’re interested.

It’s a no nonsense way to start the day. You could even make a double batch in the morning and have another smoothie for lunch if you’re feeling crazy. This might even give you enough time to fit in some exercise in your break if you’re particularly keen.

3. Introduce meals that are simple to prepare.

Just like any other habit change, the best way is to start with a plant based diet is slow and steady. If you’re comfortable with your daily smoothie, perhaps commit to trying one new evening meal a week, and go for recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We have a load of simple meals here on our recipe page that should keep you going, but here are a few other great resources that might also help:


4. Plan ahead and batch cook.

As you build your repertoire of recipes, you might start to feel comfortable trying a few different meals throughout the week. This is where batch cooking and planning ahead can really pay off.

On a Sunday, set some time aside to plan your meals for the next week or so. Keep it simple at first, with just a couple of alternating main meals perhaps. Maybe it’s a Vegan Chilli on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and a Simple Dahl on Tuesday and Thursday.

You can then batch cook each recipe and separate them into containers. Throw your meals for the first few days in the fridge and the rest can go in the freezer for you to defrost later in the week.

It’s easy to do, and ensures you’ve got something plant-powered on standby in the evenings, when you just wanna slouch down on the couch and reach for the takeaway menu. For extra plant-points, you can do the same for lunchtime too.

5. Try a delivery service.

This might not be for everyone, as I know that some people really enjoy the process of making their own food. But for when time is tight and you don’t feel like spending your Sunday afternoon in the kitchen chopping sweet potatoes; it might be worth considering a delivery service.

If you’re based in the USA, Veestro is a great company that delivers a wide variety of freshly made, organic, plant based meals straight to your door. You can get individual entrees, juices and desserts, or pre made meal plans. Right now they’re running a sale, and if you join their mailing list, you get an extra 20% off.

So it might be worth checking out!

There’s no doubt that fitting a plant based diet in amongst the madness can seem difficult at first, but like any other habit, if you keep plugging away at it and building gradually, eventually it just becomes second nature. The struggle dissipates, and eating healthily is just another one of those things you do every day!

How do you people manage to fit healthy eating into your busy schedule? Are there any other ideas that I might have missed?

Let me know in the comments section below!

*For the sake of transparency, the link to Veestro is indeed an affiliate link. I’ve partnered up with them, and I’ll receive 10% of any sale made through my link (at no extra cost to you).  As I’ve said before, I’ll only promote companies and services that are aligned with what I believe in. And there’s no funny business with Veestro, just fresh, organic, healthy plants.

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