How to Find Time for Yourself When Life is Busy

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Find Time For You

For a lot of people, free time has become somewhat of a luxury.

Modern life can get pretty busy. We’ve all got commitments that we have to attend to, places to be and things to do. If we’re not careful, it’s really easy to get stuck on autopilot and just go through the motions.

Often times we move through the day like drones, going from task to task and never really stopping to take a breath. Before we know it, the day has nearly come to a close, and there’s no time left to do anything that we really wanted to do. So we head off to bed, fall asleep, and will likely repeat the same old process again tomorrow…

It’s this kind of living that I believe can eventually lead to dissatisfaction, chronic stress, and in some cases even degenerative diseases. 

This week I wanted to offer you a few solutions to help you break free from this cycle. So you can take back some time for yourself and start running your life, as opposed to your life running you…

Just to recap over the video above, the three ideas that I suggest include:

1. Do Less

We’re in a culture where progress is king, and we’re always expected to be doing more.

I know I’ve definitely had issues with this in the past. I used to have the tendency to fill up my to do list for the day with fifty billion things, and if I somehow miraculously completed them, I’d just add a few more tasks to the list and get on with them. This inevitably led to me burning out and resenting the work that I was doing, even though I was passionate about it! I’d become too focused on the outcome and completing the mini goals that I set myself, rather than enjoying the process itself.

These days I try my best to limit myself to one or two main tasks per day. That way, I can put all my effort into those tasks and do them well. I’m not spread too thinly, and my head is not racing at 100 miles per hour thinking about the next thing that I have to get done. Theoretically, I’m able to stay more focussed and more mindful, which means I’m more likely to take a pause and appreciate the things that are going on around me.

If I finish those tasks early, I always have the option to do other things that I’m passionate about, rather than a shed load more work.

2. Develop a Morning Practice

This is something that has become really important in my life lately and has allowed me to make a lot of progress in several different areas.

Each morning, I get up early and set time aside to work on the things that I like, and the things that I want to get better at. At the moment that’s meditation, journalling, breathing exercises, mobility, and calisthenics. You can check out my full routine here.

I perform my little practice almost every morning. It’s my special time to do whatever I want, and prepare myself before the madness begins. It means that even if the rest of the day is crazy busy, at least I’ve managed to get in some time for myself to work on whatever I wanted to work on.

3. Set Reminders

Last but not least, I find it really useful to have little reminders dotted around my office and home, just to bring me back to the present. I have post-it notes everywhere, reminding me to slow down, breathe, and move my body a little bit.

Whenever my mind gets carried away with excessive thoughts and busyness, they help to bring me back on track.

It may not seem like much, but these small periods of presence spread throughout the day can make a massive difference. They’re almost little breathers for your mind. Just like your body needs a rest from being in one position, be it sitting or standing; your brain needs a rest from thinking, so make sure you’re allowing it to.

What are some tactics that you use to find time when life is busy? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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