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It’s currently around 4.55 am, but I’m feeling wide awake.

I seem to have come down with a bit of an illness you see, and have had somewhat of a restless night – sweats, shivers, headaches, throat aches, body aches, and all that good stuff.

I’m not usually one for popping pills if I can help it, but I caved in this morning. I’m not sure what I took, but I’m pretty sure they had caffeine in them, or at least something similar, which may explain why I’m feeling so perky right now…

After laying awake in bed for a few hours with fifty million and one thoughts running through my head, I decided to get up and get them down on paper. And now on screen, I suppose.

After laying everything out and emptying my mind a little (which was mostly full of future ideas for the site, and just my life in general) I started thinking about the importance of just showing up, so I thought I’d write about that.

I have a funny feeling that the sweats are about to return with a vengeance, so I’ll make this short and sweet…

Just Show Up

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a few new projects that will hopefully take things to the next level. What I mean by that is that they’ll hopefully provide you with more value than I can offer in a single blog post or video, and hopefully they’ll be a good return on investment for me too. After all, I do have to pay the bills somehow…

There’s one project in particular that’s been occupying most of my time, and most of my energy.

That’s gonna be out next month, and I’m really excited about it. Without going into too much detail, it’s an online course aimed at helping you develop healthy habits (like eating plants, moving free, living mindfully etc.) and getting rid of any habits that are holding you back and stopping you from realising your potential (e.g drinking too much, smoking, stressing out).

As I said, this course has been a lot of work.

Planning, writing, redrafting, redrafting again, redrafting again, filming, editing, and re-editing twenty or so lectures adds up.

Whilst I’m enjoying the process and I’ve learned a lot from this whole course creation journey, there are definitely days when I struggling to pick myself up and stare at a screen for hours on end, working on that same content that I have been for months.

It would be easy for me to pack it in and take a bit of a break form it. I’m not really accountable to anyone other than myself. There’s no one telling me that I have to get this done by a certain date.

Early on in the process I did just that on a few occasions. I slacked a little. The truth is that the course probably could have been finished by now if I had applied myself a little bit more and been a bit more focussed. Despite my best efforts, I’m not great at multi tasking…

Anyways, what I’m trying to get at is the importance of just showing up and doing your work. 

No excuses.

Unless there’s some extreme circumstances, just get up and start something. Make it a habit.

Even if you just edit a few videos, or write a few lines. Promise yourself that you’ll just start something. (This is directed to you guys, but also to myself).

The same goes for any other area of your life, anything else that involves some form of creativity, or anything that you want to get really good at.

Just do one minute of meditation. Just walk for one minute in the morning. Just do one stretch before you begin your day.

Just commit to starting. 

That’s the hardest part, but most of the time, once you get going, you’ll probably find it easier to carry on.

It takes a lot of effort to get a boulder moving, but once it’s going, the momentum will keep it going.

Inevitably, that one minute run will turn into twenty. That one minute of stretching will turn into ten. That one sentence will turn into a blog post, like this one.

Even if it doesn’t, at least you’re doing something. By taking action, no matter how small, you’re forming that habit, building those neural pathways and reinforcing the idea of being the person that you’d like to be.

Instead of waiting for inspiration to hit, forge your own way. Overcome that ego-created resistance and commit to creating something every day.

That’s the key to being productive, healthy and in a way, being successful (whatever that means).

It’s about applying yourself when you don’t really feel like it.

Stepping outside your comfort zone.

It’s about fully committing to your craft and putting in the repetitions or the ten thousand hours, no matter what.

What have you been putting off lately? What habit could you apply this ‘just show up’ mentality to?


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Luke Jones
Luke Jones is a mover, blogger and wellness enthusiast. He spends his time exploring and sharing ideas in mindful movement, healthy living and adventure.

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