20 of the Biggest Health and Fitness Stories from 2015

Top Health and Fitness stories 2015

As the end of the year nears and we start to wind down, it’s sometimes nice to take a step back to reflect on what’s passed.

The last 12 months in the health and fitness world have seen no shortage of controversial stories and groundbreaking revelations. From innovative nutrition studies to contentious new laws being passed – we’ve just about seen it all, and there’s plenty to learn from.

For this weeks article, I thought I’d compile twenty of the top health and fitness stories from around the web in 2015 (many of them sourced from my favourite sub-reddits over on Reddit).

If you have anything to add or if you think I missed anything glaringly important, let me know in the comments section below.

The Top 20 Health and Fitness Stories of 2015

1. High Carb vs Low Carb for Weight Loss

It’s a debate that has been going on for what seems like forever. High fat or low? All the carbs or none of them?

Health and fitness aside, a study from earlier this year seems to suggests that if your goal is purely to lose weight, it may not really matter that much… What matters more is the amount of food you’re consuming (and I would add the quality of that food).

Read more: Examine.com breaks down the recent low-carb vs low-fat study. Their broad takeaway: “weight loss does not rely on certain carb levels or manipulation of insulin, it relies on eating less”


2. Do Processed Meats Increase Cancer Risk?

Although it seems that the risk pails in comparison to that of smoking cigarettes, this years big World Health Organization report did show that consuming processed meats like bacon and ham increases your risk of developing cancer.

Read more: Processed meats do cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. Its report said 50g of processed meat a day increased the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 18%.


3. Tom Brady Speaks Out Against Processed Foods

It may seem a little trivial to add this one to the list, but someone as powerful as Brady making a statement on children’s food choices can create some serious ripples.

Read more: Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola & Frosted Flakes ‘Poison for Kids’ – In defending his holistic trainer, the New England Patriots quarterback takes aim at how food companies have hijacked American nutrition.


4. 87% of Americans Don’t Consume Enough Vegetables

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention released a report stating something that we all knew, but didn’t want to admit. Our consumption of veggies needs to rise in the West if we really wanna emerge from this healthcare crisis, and optimize our healt hand fitness.

Read more: 87% of Americans Not Consuming Enough Vegetables, CDC Says


5. Binge Drinking Causes Major Brain Damage in Teens

It’s funny that an almost harmless drug such as cannabis faces constant scrutiny, yet one of the most dangerous drugs known to man is widely available and almost encouraged…

Read more: Binge-Drinking Does Major Damage to Teenage Brains.


6. People call for DEA Chief to Resign After Medical Marijuana Statement…

Again with the weed talk. There was a bit of controversy after the head of the DEA called medical marijuana ‘a joke’. Perhaps not the wisest statement given the growing body of evidence supporting the positive effects of the plant on pain relief.

Read more: People Want DEA Chief to Resign After He Called Medical Marijuana ‘a Joke’


7. Costco States it will Phase Out Antibiotic Use in Chicken

Okay, so this one might not be that relevant to you plant-powered people – but for the average Joe eating a standard Western diet, chicken is one of the most commonly consumed foods. When you look at it like that, getting rid of antibiotics is definitely a big step in the right direction.

Read more: Costco Agrees To Phase Out The Use Of Antibiotics In Its Chicken – Could this be the beginning of a national trend?


8. California to Pass Controversial Vaccination Bill…

Vaccination is one of those topics that I don’t really know enough about to have an opinion on. Nonetheless, it seems quite controversial that this new bill could prevent anti-vaxxers from sending their unvaccinated kids to school…

Read more: California Is About to Ban ‘Personal Belief’ Exemptions for Vaccinations


9. A Reminder to Buy Your Supplements from Trusted Sources…

We’ve all heard about sportsmen being popped for illegal substances, only to blame it on a tainted supplement they were taking. Turns out that they might not always be lying after all…

Read more: 80% of supplements sold by GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens are found to contain none of herbal supplement claimed on label, and instead contain known allergens in their place


10. Should School Start Later?

Good quality sleep is a big part of the health picture, one that we often overlook. Earlier this year scientists posed the idea that for better health and performance, schools should start later in the day.

Read more: Sleep Scientists Say School Days Should Start Later – For better learning, some researchers say school days should start at 10 AM.


11. Coca-Cola Funds Advocacy Group that Plays Down Negative Impact of Soft Drinks

I don’t really have many words for this one… It’s scary to see the extent that some of these big multinationals will go to, simply to protect their assets.

Read more: The University of Colorado School of Medicine announced Friday that it was returning a $1 million gift from Coca-Cola after it was revealed that the money had been used to establish an advocacy group that played down the link between soft drinks and obesity.


12. Drug Price Increases from $13.50 to $750 overnight

Another scary example of where money comes before health. Overnight, Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of their patented drug Daraprim (often used to treat and prevent malaria) to $750 a tablet from $13.50, bringing the annual cost of treatment for some patients up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Read more: Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight


13. Doctors Call for an End to Prescription Drug Ads

There is still hope though… Concerned about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions and the role that marketing plays in escalating drug prices, the American Medical Association has called for an end to adverts for prescription drugs. Too right.

Read more: Doctors Call for an End to Prescription Drug Ads


14. New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function

Alzheimer’s is one of those conditions that has puzzled researchers for quite some time. However, this year has seen a promising breakthrough… The study was done on mice, but hopefully will give similar results with humans.

Read more: Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques


15. A Comprehensive Guide to Correct Pushup Form

So it turns out that everything you thought you knew about performing a correct pushup might in fact be doing you more harm than good… Antranik knows his stuff, and I highly recommend checking our his site if you want to move better.

Read more: How to do pushups properly 


16. Switzerland Voting to Prescribe Gym by Doctors

An interesting move towards more preventative health care. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find out whether or not the vote was actually held, or what the results were. If you find them, let me know in the comments section below.

Read more: Switzerland is voting to prescribe gym by doctors


17. A Complete Manifesto on Posture Problems and Remedies

Like sleep, posture is another one of those pieces of the health puzzle that often gets overlooked. It’s something I’ll be looking to cover a lot more in 2016 here at Health Room, but in the meantime…

Read more: A while ago someone posted a manifesto on posture problems and listed stretches to help fix them. I gathered instructions on each stretch and put them into a document.


18. Weight Training is More Effective than Cardio for Shedding Fat

Turns out that pounding the pavement for miles and miles may not help that much after all… If you’re looking to improve your body composition, it seems that lifting heavy stuff is the way to go.

Read more: Trying to Shed That Belly? Step Off the Treadmill and Grab Some Weights, Boys & Girls! 19x More Visceral, 1.5x Higher Subcutaneous Fat Loss W/ Resistance Training in Youths


19. A Reminder of the Effectiveness of Bodyweight Fitness Training

Lifting heavy stuff doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a gym membership (or get one prescribed if you’re in Switzerland). You can actually transform your physique using nothing more than your bodyweight and some Gymnastic Rings.

Read more: I’ve been doing the recommended routine for 365 days and here’s what Happened! (Hint: I’m strong as shit now!)


20. Fermented Foods Aren’t Just For Gut Health – They Can Help Overcome Anxiety

I wrote a few months ago about how I’d started eating more fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha to improve my gut health. Looks like they might have mental health benefits too!

Read more: Recent research shows that eating fermented food—such as yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi—markedly reduces social anxiety.


Remember that if you have anything to add or if you think I missed anything glaringly important, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.   


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