002 | Ikigai & Bushido: Finding Your Reason WHY

“Strong reasons make strong actions.”


HERO PODCAST 002 Willpower

What is your reason why?

What’s the thing that makes you get up in the morning? The thing that makes you tick, drives you forward, and inspires you to be the best version of you? .


It’s a Japanese term, roughly translating to “the reason for being”.

And according to the clever girls and guys who conducted the Blue Zones studies, it’s one of the primary reasons the centenarians in Okinawa, Japan, live such long, healthy, happy lives.

But it’s not just old Asian folk who can benefit from having strong beliefs…

Everyday people like you and me can reap the rewards too, particularly if we’re looking to make positive changes to our habits or reach towards certain goals in life.

Which is probably why you’re here right?

Let’s get stuck in…

What we cover in this episode: 

    • One of the main reasons why 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail (within just a few weeks).
    • The importance of having a clear, underlying reason why before attempting to make a change/reach for a goal.
    • How to determine your own Ikigai, your Bushido, your code for making better decisions in life.



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