003 | On Willpower: Taking the First Step (And Habit Change Pathways)

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can, and no one may. We  ourselves must walk the path.”

The Buddha

HERO PODCAST 003 Willpower


It’s a phrase that often gets brought up whenever the topic of habit forming or goal setting is on the agenda.

When we fail to make the changes that we intended to make or we start to waver with a new habit, we often put it down to a lack of willpower. We think we’re not strong enough, not cut out for achieving success.

I propose an alternative:

Most of the time, it’s not about a lack of willpower.

It’s about the method (or lack thereof) that we take in trying to make changes.

What we cover in this episode: 

    • The science behind the habit loop, and how you can start to manipulate it in your favour.
    • How willpower really works, and how you can start to build yours to increase your capacity to make positive changes.
    • The various approaches you can take in forming a new habit (or changing an old one) that help to preserve your willpower (and which ones don’t work so well).


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Luke Jones
Luke Jones is a mover, blogger and wellness enthusiast. He spends his time exploring and sharing ideas in mindful movement, healthy living and adventure.

2 Responses to “003 | On Willpower: Taking the First Step (And Habit Change Pathways)

  • Great podcast Luke, thanks for the inspiration. There’s a lot of synchronicity going on between your project and my own 🙂

    The idea of willpower being like a muscle has been circulating a lot lately. I just want to be thought provoking here.. The muscle is a physiological thing and it has a finite amount of energy resources to draw from to do its work; this makes sense and is easy to understand.

    Now, the “Will”, on the other hand is not a physical thing. Is it a part of the brain? Hmm. I think Sam Harris had some great thoughts about this. So, what resources does the Will run on, what is its fuel? The muscle analogy is poetic, it’s a good metaphor to some extent, but, maybe, it is being miss-used. A muscle needs calories in the form of glycogen etc etc and needs oxygen, blood flow, etc. Does the Will need certain neurotransmitters, and are these what run low after making lots of choices all day? I’m sceptical.

    Conscious choice, in the form of willpower, is not a physical system that uses fuel, I believe. Maybe we should turn to some of the great philosophers like Nietzsche or Sartre to see what they had to say about Will.

    • Thanks for the comment Musashi, and for the insights!

      That’s definitely some food for thought!

      Perhaps in the end it all comes back down to mindfulness. We all have that conscious stream of thought, to varying degrees. Perhaps our apparent ‘willpower’ is simply a reflection of our ability to tune out of or respond to the stream of thoughts, as opposed to unconsciously being carried by them?

      Would love to hear a little more about your work!

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