005 | My 5-Part Morning Routine For Success In 2017

“Discipline equals freedom.”

Jocko Willink

HERO PODCAST 005 Morning Routine

Morning Routines

If you look to some of the most successful (read: fulfilled) people in the world, a common theme that pops up is that many of them have some sort of morning routine to start the day.

Not all – some prefer the freedom that comes with spontaneity, and I know I feel that way from time to time too.

But for the most part (in the working week especially) I find that having some sort of ritual to start my day is a good idea. I’d even go as far as saying it’s one of the main things that impacts my mood and productivity over the next 12-24 hours.

So yeah, pretty important!

I’ve been working on my routine for quite some time, experimenting with different habits and swapping things around. I currently have one that one that works well for me and sets me up right for the day.

It’s a five-parter, but like Tim Ferriss says, if I hit three out of the five activities, then that’s a success.

What we cover in this episode: 

    • The big potential benefits of adopting a regular morning routine.
    • What my 5-part morning routine looks like for the start of 2017 (it’s a little strange), and why I perform each part of the routine.
    • How you can make a start on forming your own routine and set yourself up for a fulfilling, successful day.


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Luke Jones

Luke Jones is a mover, blogger and wellness enthusiast. He spends his time exploring and sharing ideas in mindful movement, healthy living and adventure.

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