MOBILITY EXERCISES: Every One You’ll Ever Need (100+ From Head to Toe)

MOBILITY EXERCISES - Featured Header, Health RoomMobility exercises for days.

Here’s the thing hero:

Freeing up those joints and getting your body moving like it’s designed to shouldn’t be difficult.

Now, I know there are some amazing mobility resources already out there that tell you what you need to do to get supple like a leopard. But I’ve never seen all the best content collated into one place. For free.

So that’s what I’ve done.

Below you’ll find a hefty list of some of the best mobility exercises and drills on the web today. All split into nice sections that you can dip in and out of at your leisure.

Want to free up your funky shoulders? – Gotcha.

Need to open those tight hips? – You’re covered, friend. 

Whichever section you’re interested in, all you have to do is click the fancy + button, and all will be revealed.


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A few quick notes & disclaimers before we get stuck in:

  1. Be sensible. This guide isn’t intended to diagnose or treat any injuries or medical conditions. Go see a licensed physio or your favorite doctor for that.
  2. Keep an open mind. Pain/restriction in one area doesn’t necessarily mean that the root cause of the problem is in that area. Yep, that’s right – your lower back pain could be a result of your super tight calves. There’s an innate interconnectedness that no one fully understands yet. So it’s important to keep that holistic, open mindset.
  3. No really… Keep an open mind. I’ve split the guide into separate sections to make it easier for you to navigate. So if you’re after exercises for a specific joint/area, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Just remember that everything is joined up by your fascia, and the separateness is an illusion. Oh, and if it’s a full body stretching/mobility routine you’re after, go here: 28 of the Best Stretching Routines in The Land
  4. Some exercises/videos might have some overlap. But it’s always good to see things from a different perspective. You’ll see some familiar names popping up throughout, and that’s simply because these guys produce so much good content on a consistent basis.
  5. Take it slow. There’s 100+ exercises below, but there could have been 1000+. Information overload is a real thing, so take things slow. I suggest you pick one or two videos at a time, work on them, retest your positioning and then come back. Feel free to bookmark this page so it’s easier to return to at a later date.
  6. Towards the end, you’ll find some mobility recipes. Essentially, areas or groups of exercises to focus on if you’re looking to improve a certain position or movement pattern. It’s a work in progress.

Skip ahead to:

1. The Benefits & Basics of Mobility2. Useful Mobility Tools3. 100+ Mobility Exercises4. Mobility Recipes

1. First Up: What is Mobility For?

The basics of being strong & bendy


As opposed to passive flexibility – which is simply about being able to get into or near the end range, mobility is more concerned with having strength in that near to end range.

It’s about being able to enter most positions that a normal human body should be able to enter and to be relatively comfortable and stable there.

2. Useful Mobility Tools & Techniques

Your choice of mobility (ahem, torture) devices

The majority of the mobility exercises listed below can be done with little to no equipment whatsoever, which is a great thing.

That being said, there are a few inexpensive items that can make things easier for you (in decreasing order of importance):

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Onto the good part…

So we know why it’s important to have well-oiled, mobile joints, and the basic guidelines for improving mobility.

And you’ve hopefully got your hands on all the tools you might need to get all nice and flowy.

Now it’s time for the main attraction:

How to improve mobility and take your movement game to the next level.

Let’s get to it!


3. Mobility Exercises: 100+ of Them

For bulletproof joints, from head to toe

1. Face, Jaw & Neck Mobility Exercises

MOBILITY EXERCISES - Head and NeckLet’s start from the top and look at a few areas that often get left behind when we think about improving our mobility – the face, jaw and neck. If you’re a desk warrior who spends a load of time in a stressful workplace or lifting heavy things at the gym, you’ll no doubt be holding a bit of residual tension in said areas. Let’s free all that nastiness up.

2. Shoulder Mobility Exercises

MOBILITY EXERCISES - ShouldersThe shoulder joint is a complex space, prone to impingement, stiffness, and all kinds of other nasties. The truth is, that if you’re missing range of motion around the joint, getting into a safe, sturdy position that you can generate force from isn’t an easy feat. So let’s make things a little easier for your bad self.

3. Thoracic Mobility Exercises

Thoracic Mobility exercisesAh, my old nemesis – the T-spine. No area of my body likes to get as jammed up as this bad boy. Again, if you’re unable to flex, extend and rotate through the mid-back like butter, positions upstream (shoulders and neck) and downstream (lower back and hips) are probably gonna overcompensate and screw things up. So as Luda’ once said: take a sip of this and get your back in motion.

4. Hands, Elbows & Wrist Mobility Drills

Wrist mobility exercisesAnother area of the body that often gets neglected. Again, if you’re spending a bunch of time typing away at the keyboard, lifting heavy stuff at the gym and/or doing a bunch of cool bodyweight movements (nice handstand bro), your elbows, forearms, wrists and hands are gonna take a battering. So let’s treat them right.

5. Lower Back Mobility (& Core)

MOBILITY EXERCISES - Lower Back drillsLower back pain is one of the number one causes of frustration and subsequent road rage in the western world. That’s a fact I just made up. But I bet most people you know will have some form of back pain and/or restriction in that area. Here’s a few exercises just for them. Tell them to proceed with caution, and couple any lower back stretching/mobilization with some form of core strengthening exercise.

6. Pelvis & Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip MOBILITY EXERCISESSpend a long time sitting? Those once mobile hips of yours are no doubt a little stiff, making it harder for you to get in a good deadlift position – not to mention looking cool in full lotus whilst you meditate (namaste). Time to loosen those hips up and make things flowy again.

7. Knee Mobility

Knee mobility drillsKnees not what they used to be? Time to treat them right. Keep in mind, many knee issues are a result of upstream (hips) and downstream (ankle, calve) problems, so be sure to check out those two sections too.

8. Feet and Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility exercisesYour base. Your solid foundation that everything else is built upon. If they’re not rock steady (yet mobile at the same time), your house is likely gonna fall to pieces. You’ll be like Bambi on ice. So let’s make sure they’re built and maintained to a high standard, shall we? Yeah!

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4. Mobility Recipes

A growing collection of movement combos to improve positions

It’s a work in progress

Over to You, HERO

Hopefully, you’ve found value in this guide, and it’s taken you a few steps closer to developing a well-rounded, freely moving body 🙂

Two small things that I’d love for you to do right now:

1. Give this a share

Use as many of those buttons to the left of your screen or below to share some mobility love with your favorite friends (or least favorite – I won’t judge). 

2. Leave a comment below

I’d love to hear about any of the following:

  • What’s your biggest pain point or barrier when it comes to mobility? 
  • What’s your favorite exercise listed above?
  • What other exercises would you love to see added to the list? 

Other than that, have a healthy, mobile day, and I’ll catch you soon.

HERO Warm Up Mobility and Stretching RoutinesOh, And Don’t Forget Your Bonus Mobility Workout Guide: The HERO Warmup – my full body mobility routine. Complete with detailed exercise descriptions, images, and mini-movement screen to help you maximize your mobility gainz (plus a few bonus tips on good posture)Get Your Free Download Here.

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