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Come say hi over on Upwork or on my freelance site Luke Jones Online – Freelance Content & Design.

I specialise in Copywriting, Copy Editing, Design & Content Marketing – primarily for sustainable, creative wellness brands.

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I do accept guest posts here on Health Room from time to time, but I can get a little picky…

If you’re someone who’s up for writing a unique, super in-depth article (3000+ words) with actionable content that the readers can apply to their lives, by all means get in touch below. I’d love to hear from you.

If however, you’re simply looking for a few links back to your site, a repost of your infographic or a mention of your product, I’m sorry but I’m unable to help out at this time.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please keep in mind: Email isn’t a massive priority for me right now, so please don’t be offended if I take a little while to get back to you. Know that I read every email I can, and respond to as many as possible 🙂







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  • Max Girouard
    1 year ago

    My hope is that we are not so cocooned in our comfort and convenience that we can’t realize that our comfort and convenience are in real jeopardy! If we could get 80% of Americans to adopt a plant based diet right away, we could have a huge impact on global climate change. That is what I want to see and you are pushing that forward beautifully! thank you!

    • Very eloquently put Max, and I couldn’t agree more! And thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!

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