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Have a story that you want to share with the world? Have a lesson or idea that could help others?

If so, send it over and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for the Health Room blog…


1. Finished posts. Feel free to send across a pitch for an article, but I do prefer finished posts if possible. Do your best to proof read, correct any spellings, and cut out any unnecessary words before pressing that send button. And give it a catchy title. Everyone loves a catchy title.

2. Topics. Make it helpful, and keep it relevant – remember we want to share ideas in nutrition, movement, mindfulness and sustainability. So this might include plant based recipes, new ways to challenge your body, lifestyle advice etc. ‘How to…’ posts and ’10 ways to…’ seem to be quite popular.

3. Word count. I’m really not too bothered. Posts here typically run between 500-1500 words, but whatever it takes to tell your story.

4. Original content: I do ask that articles submitted are unique and original. I’m not gonna accept posts that you haven’t written yourself, or ones that have already been published or submitted elsewhere (even on your personal blog). It’s too much of a headache, and I don’t want any legal troubles.

5. Tone. Keep it relaxed, friendly and informative. Take a look at some of the articles on the site maybe. Imagine you’re speaking out loud to a friend. That usually seems to work.

6. Once your posts go up, please share! Via email, your own website, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for me.


If your article checks all the above boxes, send it to me via the contact form below, and I’ll get back to you within a week.

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4 Responses to “Write for Health Room

  • Hi !

    How are you doing today?

    I am Rosie and liked your writing. In fact, felt it to be very passionate. It soothes me somehow.

    Your blog is probably one of the most interesting ones I’ve came across recently. I was also wondering if I could do a guest post for your blog.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • Thanks Rosie, glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      If you’d like to do a guest post, drop me an email using the contact form above, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit 🙂



  • Hello Luke,

    I hope you are doing great. I am an avid reader of your websites, and I must say that the blogs are a great read. It has actually changed my life. 🙂

    I am blogger, and I was hoping if you give me an opportunity to write for you. Indeed, a great opportunity for me.

    Can you please let me know if you are interested?


    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks, that’s cool to hear.

      By all means, send me some of your ideas using the contact form above, along with a few links to your previous work, and we’ll if it’s a good fit!

      Have a great day,


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