The Plant-Based Fitness, Meal Plan, Cookbook, and Habit Change Bundle

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For the past few years Matt Frazier, from No Meat Athlete, has put together a Black Friday Bundle, which includes 21 plant-based fitness & habit guides, meal plans, and cookbooks from a who’s-who of plant-based authors and fitness & cooking experts online.

It’s a great chance to invest in yourself (or you loved ones) this Black Friday, as opposed to buying material goods that may not be so beneficial…

This year’s bundle includes:

  • A 3-Month Plant-Based Meal Plan from Heather Crosby
  • Plant-Powered Meals: Purple Carrot’s Top 10 Recipes
  • Marathon Roadmap 2.0 by Matt Frazier
  • Shred It! Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building Fat and Building Muscle on a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet by Robert Cheeke
  • Approaching the Natural by Sid Garza-Hillman
  • Two Next Level Runner Units by Doug Hay: Building a Consistent (and Sustainable) Running Routine and Perfecting Your Running Form for Power, Efficiency, and Speed
  • Two Cooking Webinars with Chef AJ: Secrets of Ultimate Weight Loss and The Sweet Tooth Party!
  • Plant-Powered 15 Cookbook by Dreena Burton
  • Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi
  • Eco-Vegan Pal by Whitney Lauritsen
  • Presentations from Remedy Food Live from Garth Davis, Michael Greger, Jason Wrobel, Brenda Davis, and Matt Frazier
  • Create Your Own Super Food Protein Shakes by Ella Magers
  • Dude, Where Do You Get Your Protein: The Complete Guide for the Plant-Based Endurance Athlete by Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber
  • The 30-Day Fresh Start Program by Pamela Fergusson
  • 12-Minute Kitchen Starter Kit by Matt and Regan Yager
  • Habit Experts by Jeff Sanders
  • Eaternity Cookbook and the Simple Vegan Classics Recipe Video Tutorial by Jason Wrobel
  • Healthy Habits 101 Course by Luke Jones
  • Vegan Fitness Food for a Lean Healthy Body by Crissi Carvalho of Vegan Fitness Model
  • Jacked on the Beanstalk by Samantha Shorkey
  • The Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package, featuring John Robbins interviewing 24 food luminaries

All together that’s over $1,015.68 worth of plant-based fitness, habit forming and cooking products, all for just $95!

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And to top it all off, I’m also throwing in 2 BONUS EBOOKS worth $20:

1. Plant Based Diet 101: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy, Sustainable Eating Habits

A primer for anyone looking to improve their health, optimise their athletic performance, reduce their impact on the planet, and take their life to the next level. It is a handbook of answers to your most frequently asked questions concerning nutrition, from the common pitfalls and main myths, to eating on a budget and finding new recipes.

2. The Healthy Habits Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Making Lasting Changes

Get a sneak preview of my newest eBook – the companion guide to the Healthy habits 101 course. Provides you with all the tools and action steps you need to create lasting healthy habits, and get rid of any habits that are holding you back.

To get the above for free, all you need to do is purchase the Plant-Based Fitness Bundle using any of the links on this page – then drop me an email with the invoice and I’ll send them straight over!

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