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The Ultimate Collection of Nutrition, FITNESS & Mindfulness Resources

Take your healthy living game to the next level in 2018.

A huge toolkit of 26 plant based cookbooks, seminars, fitness plans and habit guides from the biggest names in the wellness world.

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Enjoy $1,351 worth of products for just $95

This year’s bundle includes:

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    • Health Made Simple by Matt Frazier and Sid Garza-Hillman
    • The Dairy Detox from Michelle Cehn and Allison Rivers Samson
    • The 30-Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
    • The Get Loved Up 7-Day Holistic Health Challenge by Koya Webb
    • Dude, Where Do You Get Your Protein: The Complete Guide for the Plant-Based Endurance Athlete by Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber
    • Pastry Master Class with Chef AJ: Desserts of the Stars
    • Webcasts of Chef AJ’s Healthy Taste of Sacramento Conference
    • Eco-Vegan Pal by Whitney Lauritsen
    • Vegan Fitness Food by Crissi Carvalho
    • Plant-Powered Dressings by Dreena Burton
    • Approaching the Natural by Sid Garza-Hillman
    • My Health Hustle from Jason Wrobel
    • Easy Recipes for Busy Parents by Shoshana and Adam Chaim
    • Meal Planning Mastery by Shoshana and Adam Chaim
    • 12-Minute Kitchen Starter Kit from Matt Jager
    • Jacked on the Beanstalk by Samantha Shorkey
    • The Food Pharmacy Family Favorites: Hearty Plant-Based Recipes Everyone Will Love by Evelisse Capó and Elisa Burgos
    • Presentations from Remedy Food Live from Rich Roll, Chef AJ, Michael Greger, Jason Wrobel, Brenda Davis, and Matt Frazier
    • Plant-Based Muscle by Robert Cheeke and Vanessa Espinoza
    • Shred-It by Robert Cheeke
    • 8 Week Beginner Weightlifting Program from Christy Morgan
    • The Vegan Muscle and Fitness Guide to Bodybuilding Competitions by Derek Tresize and Marcella Torres
    • Two Next Level Runner Units by Doug Hay: Building a Consistent (and Sustainable) Running Routine and Perfecting Your Running Form for Power, Efficiency, and Speed
    • 47 Strategies to Be Insanely Productive from Jeff Sanders
    • Raising Healthy Parents by Sid Garza-Hillman
    • Healthy Habits 101 Course from Luke Jones

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On top of the bundle, I'm throwing in a free Wellness Webinar

I'll answer any of your questions related to nutrition, training, habits, or anything else you'd like me to cover.

All you have to do to get involved:

  1. Visit No Meat Athlete through any of the links on this page and purchase the Plant Based Fitness Bundle
  2. Contact me at luke [at] with a copy of your receipt and your burning question.

I'll include my answer in the Wellness Webinar series and drop you an email when it's live. 

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So if you're looking to invest in yourself (or your loved ones) for 2018, make sure you're not kicking yourself by missing out.